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“13 Reasons Why” Research

Study: How teens, parents responded to Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”

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About the Project

Northwestern University researchers surveyed more than 5,000 teens, young adults and parents in four regions of the world to assess how audiences perceived, related to and were influenced by the television series. For country-specific survey results from the U.S., United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand see links below to our reports.

Read the U.S. Release      Read the Brazil Release      Read the Global Release     Read the Global release in Spanish

About the Researchers

The research was conducted by the Center on Media and Human Development at Northwestern University. The center, led by internationally recognized expert Ellen Wartella, studies the role of media and technology in children’s development, with studies ranging from Teens and Health and Technology: How Teens Use Online Tools to Access Health Information to Food Marketing and Childhood Obesity. The center receives funding from the National Science Foundation as well as private funders and industry partners. Studies are independently designed and executed.